Furniture repair is the mainstay of the business and literally any piece of furniture in any condition can be restored.   

It can be a time consuming job if done properly so some pieces may be considered beyond economic repair but the final choice is left to the customer.  

New (mostly imported) furniture is unbelievably inexpensive though its construction and quality is poor and lifespan limited

Most of our work comes from those who appreciate the quality of the furniture they own and cannot replace it with equivalent quality either due to the cost or the fact it is irreplaceable for sentimental reasons.  Often customers have matching furniture and cannot afford to replace all the pieces.  

It is worth remembering that damage caused accidentally to furniture is covered by most household contents policies and we can provide estimates to allow you to make a claim.

Our main types of activity are:  

  • Structural repairs to wooden/upholstered furniture
  • Re-gluing of old wobbly joints,
  • Repairs to broken arms, legs, rails, feet, frames etc.
  • Replacement castors, feet, castor blocks
  • New springs, spring cages, spring clips, re-webbing
  • Repairs to and replacement of Polished finishes
  • Watermarks, white blooms, candle burns, scratches, dents etc.
  • Stripping and re-finishing, chairs, tables or any other furniture
  • Changes to colour or sheen level, matching other furniture
  • Repolishing, recolouring, revival of old damaged polish
  • Reupholstery of dining room chair pads, single chairs, replacement zips, buttons, fringing etc.
  • Larger upholstery projects, (e.g. suites) can be arranged via our professional contacts

 " I write to thank you most sincerely for restoring our cane seat chair and reupholstering our 1880 regency style chair.  My husband and I are extremely  pleased with the workmanship as always "   

                         -  Private customer, Stourbridge.


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