Many Thanks Gary, I am really delighted with our restored table.    -  Private Customer, Clent. 


Do you charge for a call out? 

We do not usually charge for an initial call out or assessment to see a job.  At this first visit we can assess the work involved and will give you a firm verbal quotation of the cost which will not increase regardless of the time involved or any underestimation on our part.  If you are happy to proceed on this basis we will agree a convienient date and time to begin.  Payment is not required until the work is complete and you are satisfied.

What does it cost? 

We understand you want to know what it could cost and so can give a telephone or email quote for some work without seeing it based on your description or a photograph.  In these cases we reserve the right to amend our estimate once we have seen the item in person.  You are under no obligation to proceed if this increase is unacceptable.

As an indication:
  • Dismantle and re-glue a dining chair - from £35
  • Reupholster dining chair seat pad inc. foam and fabric - from £35
  • Small scratch repairs - from £35
  • Larger scratches, dents etc. - from £45
  • Replace a broken sofa spring - from £40
  • Strip and refinish an average dining table top - from £300

I would advise a visit regardless of these prices, not so we can subject you to any sort of hard sell, we don't do that.  More that we may be able to resolve your issue in a number of ways which could well cost less than the prices above.  It may in our opinion be uneconomic to restore but we would always leave that decision to you.

Can I pay by credit card? 

No sorry our charges don't justify the costs involved.  Cash or cheques are our preferred payment methods though we can accept payment via paypal with prior agreement.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes all our work is guaranteed.  Exactly what the guarantee covers and for how long it extends is dependant upon the item, the repair and the expected use, please ask for details

Do you use any harmful chemicals?

We try not to for our own sakes as much as for the environment.  We use traditional materials and techniques and strippers, lacquers and dyes are waterbased wherever possible.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace my furniture?

That depends, new furniture costs very little in comparison to other items but it is increasingly designed as disposable, to be changed with your decor rather than as a lifetime piece or hierloom for the future.  To buy or make a new piece of furniture to the same quality as an older piece would always cost more and in that case a repair will be cost effective.

Will you repair the item in my home or take it away?

Usually the choice is yours, but for some items the quality of the repair and or the techniques required dictate removal.  If you have immovable items they can be repaired in situ using different techniques.


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